Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows!

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We are all so busy these days. Who has time to clean windows? Does it really matter that much? I want to give you the top 5 reasons to have clean windows. This applies to the home, the office and even at your favorite cafe, boutique or salon.


Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #1: Protecting the Glass

It may surprise some having this reason as #1. Let me explain why. Glass is porous and, as such, absorbs many of the contaminants in the air. Over time, these will attack the structure of the glass sufficiently to cause minor corrosion.

There is disappointment when, despite a number of cleans, some windows look as dirty as ever. In many cases, these windows aren’t dirty, just corroded. A regular cleaning program will minimize those problems when implemented from the start.

Another example of this is when builders have worked around your home and they have left cement or paint overspray on the glass. If not cleaned quickly, this will permanently stain the glass. What is a solution? A glass restorer could visit and polish out the stains. But in many cases, it would be cheaper to replace the glass panel. This added cost to your premises could be alleviated by regular cleaning.


Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #2: Visual Appeal

Top 5 reasons to have clean windows
Newcastle Beach at 6am from Estabar Gelato and Espresso Bar

One of my clients in Newcastle, NSW, was Estabar Gelato and Espresso Bar. They faced directly onto the picturesque Newcastle Beach. I cleaned their windows twice a week for 5 years. Think about it, that is 500 cleans.

The cafe next door rarely had the windows cleaned and if so, it was usually by one of the waitresses. Estabar was always busy, building its reputation on quality food, coffee and business presentation. Being opposite the beach, sea spray and salty air often affected the view. Regular cleaning minimized the problem.

Looking at both cafes from the street, you could tell who approached their business with the greater professionalism. I guess you’ve had the same experience.

Walking into a business that is clean, bright and well-presented, has greater appeal than one that is dirty and disorderly. So if you have a retail business that you want to grow, contact me for a window cleaning program that will support your business presentation.


Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #3: A Brighter Environment

As I write this, I am sitting in the IKEA restaurant in the Logan area of Brisbane. As I look out of clean windows onto the sunny afternoon outside, the effect of having a bright environment is quite noticeable.

The same applies at home. With clean windows, the winter sun will shine in and provide a natural warmth. Of course, cleaning your windows during your spring cleans will make your home feel brighter. The freshness of a clean environment has brightened the spirits of many of my clients. Just recently, a lady said that having clean windows at home feels like she’s taking a bath – it is so cleansing.

So you have three of my top 5 reasons to have clean windows. What are the last two? Consider these…


Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #4: A Better Work Environment

Have you ever seen an office that is cluttered and untidy? Maybe it is an accountant or a legal professional. What confidence do you have in their ability to provide a professional service? How do the staff comfortably work in an environment like that?

Top 5 reasons to have clean windows
This business had their windows cleaned as they were moving in.

A clean work environment can greatly contribute to efficiency and staff morale. This applies to internal and external window cleaning. Having clean windows can add much to the initial professional presentation of your business. It tells the public that this business cares and that can only be good for your bottom line.


Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #5: Maintenance Matters

We know what happens if we don’t maintain our car or house. This constant care of our important assets improves the potential longevity of these two purchases. We clean our teeth daily, clean our bodies and our homes. Regular check-ups assist the health of the above.

The same applies to our windows. Regular cleaning protects them, and alleviates potential issues in the future. Here at McRae’s Window Cleaning, I can set up a regular window cleaning program for your home, office or shop. Why not contact me to start a conversation about it?


There you have it. My 5 top reasons to have clean windows. Did any of those surprise you? Why not send me a message and let me know your thoughts. Go to the contact page in the sidebar and say hi.


18 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows!

  1. Yes I was suprised by a few of your listed reasons. But if I think about it, it makes sense. As a customer having a choice of two businesses, I would surely pick the business with a cleaner brighter environment than the other. And I have seen a few windows get corroded especially at the coast. They become murky and hard to see through. Very hard to fix and doesn’t look appealing at all. Great informative article. Thanks.

    1. Glad you liked the informative article. I hope you have tracked down a professional to keep your windows sparkling.


  2. Yes I was suprised by a few of your listed reasons. But if I think about it, it makes sense. As a customer having a choice of two businesses, I would surely pick the business with a cleaner brighter environment than the other. And I have seen a few windows get corroded especially at the coast. They become murky and hard to see through. Very hard to fix and doesn’t look appealing at all. Great informative article. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ninene,

      Which coast are you referring to? Anywhere well-known? I know if I walk into a shop with dirty windows, I start off with a negative attitude toward the proprietor. Maybe I shouldn’t but it is about taking pride in what you have.

      Catch up soon,


  3. I can say first hand that when a glass window looks dusty and dirty, it immediately brings down my quality of life. haha ok that may sound extreme, but it does hinder the sort of “feel good” feeling you get when you’re in a room with nice clean windows. Your overall environment feels much cleaner and well put together. Dirty windows feel cluttered and almost like the dirt is crawling on you as well.

    1. Nice comment, Wil. You are so right about the effect clean windows has on one’s disposition. Loved the “crawling on you” concept. Made me chuckle.



  4. Hello Duncan,

    Since I’ve always been a “top 5” list kind of guy, so, I really like this page a lot. The very first point you made here – about protecting the glass… very educational. I never thought about cleaning the glass in relation to protecting it. In fact, my first thought was – but if it’s too clean, won’t people walk into it? I always think of that Windex commercial where he birds crash into the glass! I guess that’s no excuse not to maintain clean windows, though 🙂

    I can definitely relate to what you’re saying about visual appeal. First impressions say a LOT about a business. I wish you had side by side pictures of Estabar Gelato and Espresso Bar next to the cafe next door for contrast. Of course the other business owner probably would not be very pleased if you did that. But, when it comes to places that serve food, it’s much more likely people will choose the cleaner looking place!

    Speaking of clean. I like the look of your site. Since you clean glass for a living, it’s only fitting that your website is a “reflection” of your work (pun intended!)


    1. Hi Hal,

      Loved your contribution to the discussion. I had hoped that the blog with provide an educational element so that people will take greater care of their environment. I did think about the comparison picture between the two cafes but decided against it for the reasons you mentioned. Google Earth gives you a great concept of the location I am referring to.

      Thank you also for the positive feedback about the site. I appreciate it. By the way, which part of the world do you come from? Does the weather impact a lot on the glass at your place?

      Thank you for stopping by,


  5. I really like the article on why we need make sure our windows are clean. I agree that it’s key to protecting the glass as it is a costly component to replace. And yes, it does affect how the entire interior and exterior looks as well. Thanks for such an informative article!

    1. Hi Lily,
      You are so welcome. Protecting our assets is a great goal. I guess it is a bit like your blog, weight loss. Taking care of our health naturally protects what we have; clean glass protects and brightens our home or office.


  6. You’re right. Clean windows really do reflect the professionalism of a business. It’s not just about cleanliness. First impressions do count. Imagine walking into a shop with dirty and dusty windows.

    I’ve to admit that I don’t really clean the windows in my home much. But I do find that it becomes brighter when I do get around to cleaning them. Lol! Thanks for sharing the reasons to have clean windows.

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for the contribution to the conversation. Whether it is professionalism at stake or just a bright cheery home, getting clean windows is the best thing.



  7. Hi Duncan,

    You have me convinced! Before reading this I never really thought about glass corroding but I suppose if it is close to the sea or beach then it could really have an impact.

    It was almost impossible for me to clean my windows when I lived in Scotland since I stayed in a villa with rooms upstairs.

    I think you’re right, it definitely will look brighter and have a better feel-good factor. It’s something that all businesses should think about. Any tips for cleaning material? I’ve tried using a generic window cleaner but it always seems to leave marks behind.

    1. Hi Craig,

      Here is a solution mix that just may help you out. Fill a spray bottle 3/4 full with methylated spirits. Add a squirt of dishwashing liquid, not too much, and then top up with water. Make sure it is mixed well and away you go. Make sure you use a lint free cloth, such as a microfibre cloth and you will be able to touch up those windows whenever you like.

      I hope that helps out. And thank you for the input to the subject.


  8. Hey there,

    Wow that’s a very unique website, yeah I believe that replacing the glass more expensive to do the protecting procedures as you said in the first reason, for me clean glasses gives me relaxation mind, nice post I shared it on my Google+, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for sharing it. Clean windows does make a home brighter and more pleasant to be in.

      I appreciate your visit to the site,


  9. My sister told me that she’s planning to renovate her house by the end of this year. When I read that getting her windows cleaned can make a home feel brighter, this gave me an idea to find a cleaning company for her. Doing this will add more years to her home while increasing its curb value too.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thank you for dropping by my website and browsing through the article. Clean windows will add a lot to your sister’s home once she’s finished her renovation. Is she close by Brisbane? I would be happy to provide her some more information, including a personalized quote, to help with her planning.

      Click here to send me her details and we can help out.

      Kind regards,
      Duncan McRae
      McRae’s Window Cleaning
      +61 491 150 888

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