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Window cleaning may seem to be an easy task to accomplish – until you have to try it yourself. I recall back in 1996 when I first began in this field, mastering the skills required took me a little longer than I had hoped. I wish that we had smartphones and YouTube as a training resource back then. Well, we do now and so I would like to introduce to you my “Tools and Techniques of Window Cleaning – Videos” page that will make window cleaning enjoyable and successful. Over the next few weeks, I will add further videos that should prove both instructive and entertaining.


Tools and Techniques of Window Cleaning – Residential

The first few videos will demonstrate some of the tools and techniques I use at residential premises. As I mention in a future video, these tools, while a little more expensive than the cheaper ones at your local hardware store, are the best in the business. They can be obtained at any of our preferred suppliers that I have listed to the right of the page.

When I think of the tools and techniques of window cleaning, I think of other tradesmen who have made a success of their trade. These are people who invested in quality power tools, hand tools and materials. They produce a finished product that impresses. Window cleaning is no different. I believe in using tools that are rated in the industry as premium, so that when combined with effective techniques, the window cleaning job you have arranged will result in you being a happy and satisfied client. So sit back and enjoy the videos below.


Note the oxidisation streaks on the dirty glass!
Note the oxidisation streaks on the dirty glass!















Did you enjoy those tools and techniques of window cleaning videos? What do you think? Do I have potential as a YouTube sensation? Go on, be honest when you leave a comment in the contact us box. And be rest assured that there will be plenty more as time goes by.

15 thoughts on “Tools and Techniques

  1. Cleaning windows isn’t something I often think about, at least not until they are so dirty they are embarrassing.

    You are so right about investing in quality tools. I had a handyman business for 7 years and cheap tools ultimately cost me more, both in dollars and in wasted time and shoddy work.

    Yes, you definitely have potential as a YouTube sensation. Your instruction is clear and concise. With a little hustle, anyone could build a business from what you teach.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Quality tools streamlines the job process, allowing time for atonal jobs to be scheduled, meaning less downtime and cash in the pocket.

      As for YouTube, there are more videos to come. Watch this space!


  2. Hello,
    Thanks for putting the videos on your website, it makes it a lot easier to see an example rather than just look at a photo.
    I liked the idea of washing indoor mirrors the same way you would a window. I’ve been cleaning mine with old newspaper and vinegar but your way looks far less time consuming.
    I live in a basement flat and the windows are a foot behind some railings, can you recommend anything to make my life easier?

    1. Hi Neil,

      That is the hardest style of windows to clean. The best thing for that is to spray some detergent onto the glass and immediately rinse off with water from house or maybe a watering can. Saves trying to get your hands in behind the railings.

      Hope that helps,


  3. I love these videos! You look like an artist washing them! I’m going to have to invest in these products. I’ve been using paper towels and window cleaner and they just come out looking so-so. Plus, it takes me forever! And, paper towels aren’t cheap. Thank you for the videos…make them funnier and you’ll be the next YouTube sensation!!

    1. Hi Midge,

      Thanks for the encouragement re YouTube. I will try to add a little more humor as I develop these. Glad you enjoy the videos that I have created. If yo do source some of that equipment, you will find the window cleaning chores so much easier.

      Chat soon,


  4. I have been looking to get my windows cleaned as they are something I never get around to. I believe it is certainly an art and the tools are really important.

    With my windows some of them seem to be etched as they have not been cleaned for a long time, can anything be done for this?

    1. Good question, Keldyn,

      Once the glass is etched from not being cleaned for a long time, the only solution is a very expensive cut and polish. Even so, a regular clean will improve things a little and at least you will know you’ve done the best you can to maintain your property.

      Getting our home’s windows cleaned, at least once a year, will make a massive difference to your outlook at home. Thanks for calling in to the website.



  5. What a thorough and comprehensive review of tool and techniques for window cleaning! I admit this is something I rarely do and don’t realize how filthy they are until I attempt to clean them. Your article has been very helpful in understanding how to do it properly. I agree having the best tools in any trade is crucial. I’ve found that having the best tools up front helps you get the best results.

    Thank you for providing a unique service and also an extensive review of how to do it!

    1. Hey Tim,

      Thank you so much for dropping by the website. Glad you enjoyed the videos. Having great tools helps no end and streamlines any job we embark on. Window cleaning is no exception so if you are going to attempt to clean the glass at hour home, go to any of my preferred suppliers and get the tools you need.



  6. Great instructional videos! Yes, I think they work well and I love how you get your point across quickly and concisely. Window cleaning is the bain of my existence! We live in Tasmania in a 2 storey brick home that gets salt spray from the ocean. I have no end of trouble reaching most of my windows to get them clean, thus our ocean views are a bit foggy from some rooms. Do you have any suggestions for reaching high windows?

  7. I really like your instructional videos! Yes, I think they work well and I love how you get your point across quickly and concisely. Window cleaning is the bain of my existence! We live in Tasmania in a 2 storey brick home that gets salt spray from the ocean. I have a lot of trouble reaching most of my windows on the second storey to get them clean. This means our ocean views can be quite clouded from most of our bedrooms. Do you have any suggestions for reaching and cleaning high windows?

    1. Hi Jodes,

      Living close to the ocean is always going to make things difficult regarding clean glass. Here’s a tip: Pick up a container of Hose-on Windex from Coles or a similar product from Bunnings. It must be the one where a hose can be attached. Follow the instructions and each week, gently, gently, hose down those windows with the solution. Don’t have the pressure too high. See how that goes.

      When you run out, I have a recipe for you to make up instead of the Windex. Here it is: In that Windex container, fill the container 3/4’s full of methylated spirits, a squeeze of Morning Fresh and then top up with water (preferably distilled) That is a cheaper mix and will work just as well. Keep me posted as to how it works.



  8. I should show my kids these videos and put them to work! (Just kidding – they are 2 and 3 years old – they are the MAKERS of dirty windows, not the cleaners right now.) Thanks for some handy tips! At least my kiddos’ fingerprints are on windows that are easy to reach = easy to clean.
    I find the hardest part of window cleaning for me is navigating the outside gardens to actually reach the windows in a way that lets me clean them streak free. I guess the right tools will fix that!
    All the best with your You-tube career! 🙂

    1. Hi Marlaine,

      Yes, clean windows and small children don’t always go together. Still, as you say, with the right tools and techniques, keeping the home clean is a possibility. In Australia, since we have venomous snakes, I am nervous wandering through overgrown gardens when cleaning windows. I don’t like snakes!

      I hope my You-Tube career is successful; I just have to spend some more time perfecting it.



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