Residential Window Cleaning Services

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You work hard enough already! Why spend precious time cleaning windows at your home. We first started brightening people’s outlook back in 1996. Since then, thousands of clients have received exceptional residential window cleaning services. What about your home? Read on…

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Residential Window Cleaning Services – Are You Selling?

With the housing market tracking nicely in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you want your place to attract the most potential buyers in the shortest possible time. That’s why I want to share some interior design ideas to fast track selling your home. I will also show you why getting those windows cleaned will add lustre to these ideas.

One of the favorite magazines that my wife reads is the current IKEA catalogue. It gives her all sorts of creative ideas in how to add a decorative piece to the home styling canvas. She loves IKEA; the decor tastes that can be found in that store matches her taste in interior design ideas.

Since few of us are professional stylists, we need help with interior design ideas and these online sites or magazines are a boon for creativity. They can help you have a colour palette to tie in all the pieces together.

In addition to the design styling that you have done, having clean windows will add sparkle to all your work. Potential vendors will be attracted by the interior design ideas you’ve pulled off but their eyes will drift to the view outside. They will peer through windows, stand in the entertainment area, look out and admire the pool, all of which is enhanced by clean sparkling windows.

Clean windows add to your interior design ideas. They add to the photo shoot, the virtual tour video of your home and tell visitors that you take immense pride in your home. Each month, McRae’s Window Cleaning detail homes prior to photo shoots and showings by real estate agents.

Residential Window Cleaning Services – What We Include

Why not call us to brighten up your home! window cleaning servicesYour home is your castle and it deserves the best. Residential window cleaning is one of our most popular services. 

Included in our standard package are the following tasks: 

  1. Internal and external window cleaning
  2. Insect and security screens washed down
  3. Window tracks cleaned
  4. Balustrade and pool fence glass cleaned. 

Residential Window Cleaning Services – How We Do It

What methods do we use? That depends on each home. We determine that when we visit to provide your obligation-free quote. You’ll get a clear explanation of the work methods that we’ll use at your home.

We use both traditional and pure water methods to achieve the final goal of sparkling windows. (Click here to learn about pure water cleaning.)

Since we view it a privilege to be invited into someone’s home, we apply the following standards:

a) Shoes off on the carpeted areas.

b) We put our buckets on tiled areas only.

c) We mop up any drips around the bucket.

d) We return any furniture or ornaments that we have moved when accessing the internal windows.

e) We clean the tracks, insect screens, security screens and window frames.

f) When we remove a sliding window to clean the external part, we always place it on a towel on a tiled surface. (see accompanying pic)

Window Cleaning servicesMost of us love compliments from visitors to our home. Having a clean home along with sparkling windows, will draw lots of positive comments. And if you have a spectacular view from your lounge or family area, then clean windows will brighten your outlook even more. Plus, if you have a pool, we make sure your pool glass fencing sparkles as well.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to connect with us and we’ll arrange an obligation-free quote for you. 

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