Interior Design Ideas to Fast Track Selling Your Home

So you’ve decided to sell your home. With the housing market tracking nicely in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you want your place to attract the most potential buyers in the shortest possible time. That’s why I want to share some interior design ideas to fast track selling your home. I will also show you why getting those windows cleaned will add lustre to these ideas. I am going to share with you some tips from Marj Silva, a stylist from homewares retailer, Marj was interviewed for a fascinating blog on, one of Australia’s leading home sales websites.

Interior Design Ideas – Follow Tastes

If I go back to the late 80s/early 90’s, the decor tastes in many homes in Australia had the pine furniture with pastel color furnishings prominent in the lounge room. interior design ideasI should know, since that was all we could afford and the lacquered pine lounge with blue pastels was cheap. And I guess it was one of the interior design ideas of the time. It was a decor trend then but not the decor taste that my wife has now.

Marj Silva said the following, “It’s pretty rare for you to start with a blank canvas. People come [to design] their home with things they love, and have collected throughout their travels and life. Starting with your personality is the best way to go.”

Interior Design Ideas – Do Your Research

One of the favorite magazines that my wife reads is the current IKEA catalogue. It gives her all sorts of creative ideas in how to add a decorative piece to the home styling canvas. She loves IKEA; the decor tastes that can be found in that store matches her taste in interior design ideas.

What research can you do? Marj Silva recommends searching for interior design ideas“interior design examples online or in magazines. Identify similar furniture types, fabrics or ‘themes’ in the styles chosen. The common thread will be your ‘design concept’ that will help you plan your restyle against.”

Since few of us are professional stylists, we need help with interior design ideas and these online sites or magazines are a boon for creativity. They can help you have a colour palette to tie in all the pieces together.

Interior Design Ideas – The Budget

You are selling your home for the best price possible. You don’t want to overspend on styling so that it consumes you both in time and money. In her tips and tricks interview, Marj Silva suggests “as a general rule, customers spend 70 per cent of their budget on furniture, and the remainder on soft furnishings and accessories. Investing in the bigger items is the smart thing to do.”

Silva recommends spending more on that lounge you want to keep and less on the soft furnishings that can be changed from time to time to give it a make-over. My wife’s current favorite store for affordable soft furnishings is Kmart Australia. The range and popularity of their home decor section has resulted in popular social media pages promoting Kmart’s products. Home styling has never been more affordable.

Interior Design Ideas – Positioning

My wife and I are minimalists. We believe in the concept of “less is more”. interior design ideasThat’s why when I visit homes that are cluttered with a multitude of decor accessories, the white noise emanating from the clutter leaves me overwhelmed.

It is important to consider this when developing interior design ideas to style your home. There will people with a variety of decor tastes inspecting your home during the open house or a private showing event arranged by your sales agent. You don’t want a potential sale fall through due to a cluttered, overwhelming decor style.

“Have fun positioning your new purchases but remember to leave adequate space for walkways and traffic-flows, especially in open-living areas,” is the advice Marj Silva has for us.

Interior Design Ideas – Window Cleaning

In addition to the design styling that you have done, having clean windows will add sparkle to all your work. Potential vendors will be attracted by the interior design ideas you’ve pulled off but their eyes will drift to the view outside. They will peer through windows, stand in the entertainment area, look out and admire the pool, all of which is enhanced by clean sparkling windows.

Clean windows add to your interior design ideas. They add to the photo shoot, the virtual tour video of your home and tell visitors that you take immense pride in your home. Each month, McRae’s Window Cleaning detail homes prior to photo shoots and showings by real estate agents. The accompanying pictures show recent homes we have detailed.


Interior Design Ideas – Conclusion

Home styling prior to selling the family home need not be a time and money consuming project. As our expert showed through the blog, with a few ideas, we can establish our tastes, decorate simply and within a reasonable budget. Add quality window cleaning to the mix and you will have a home to be proud of. These simple interior design ideas could fast-track the sale of your home.

Why not book in window cleaning services prior to the photo-shoot or open house, by contacting us here at McRae’s Window Cleaning.

If you have an opinion or an interior design idea to share, please leave a comment in the box below.

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