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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here are answered some of the common questions people have asked about window cleaning services and that may cross your mind as you consider scheduling a clean at your premises.


  • What if it is raining on the day my home is booked to have its windows cleaned? 

    If it rains, we can simply re-schedule your booking to a later date.  frequently asked questionsOf course, during really busy times like Christmas, there is likely to be less flexibility with re-scheduling but I will do my best to accommodate your needs.



  • How often should I have my house windows cleaned?

    That depends on many factors. Does the house face the ocean and exposure to high levels of sea-spray or salty air? Is your home close to a main road or highway, which deposits road grime on your glass? Has there been rainy or windy weather? These and other factors influence how frequently your windows require cleaning. I usually suggest a frequency of every three or four months. You can then adjust it as required. Remember, the greater the frequency – the cheaper the price!


  • What is Reach and Wash window cleaning?
    Frequently Asked Questions
    The basic set-up of a water fed pole cleaning system (Pic: windowcleaningsupplies.com.au)

    Reach and Wash window cleaning is a cleaning technology that is being used by many window cleaning businesses. It integrates well with Workplace Health

    and Safety methods since it minimizes and even eliminates the use of ladders to clean windows on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th storey of a building. How does it work? Reach and Wash uses water that has been purified through a de-ionizing tank. The water is then sprayed onto the glass through a soft brush that is attached to a long pole. After scrubbing the glass, the window is rinsed off and, due to the water being free of salts, dries clean. These salts and minerals are fine for our health but not for clean glass. Our system removes these salts from the water and thus we clean your glass with a chemical free method.

    Why not use detergent? Won’t that make the windows squeaky clean? Yes, the traditional wash and squeegee method is still an effective cleaning method. We use this method prolifically. But for higher level glass that is difficult to reach, the water-fed pole method is very effective. One thing to remember about the traditional method is that the detergents used leave a sticky film on the glass, attracting the dust and salts from the air. Reach and Wash cleaning will, after a few cleans, eliminate the sticky detergent residue. The many satisfied customers who have had this method used at their homes are testament to the effectiveness of Reach and Wash.


Check out our reach and wash photo gallery. It will be updated regularly.






Check out this video from Gardiner Poles, my preferred brand.




  • Why should I have my shop windows cleaned frequently?

    A clean shop front equates with a professional image. Costly marketing signage and an attractive window display are enhanced by clean glass. This is even more important for cafés and restaurants where cleanliness is vital – clean windows speaks volumes!